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  • Pass Plus

  • Paul’s Driving School is a Pass Plus registered company. Paul has been Pass Plus qualified for many years helping newly qualified drivers to gain confidence and competence to driver no matter what the conditions.

    Though the Pass Plus course may be completed at any time it is most beneficial in your first year of driving when it may help you to obtain a reduction in the cost of your car insurance.

    The Pass Plus scheme is a Government road safety initiative designed to increase the confidence and safety of newly qualified drivers, offering additional training in aspects of driving that haven’t been specifically covered by the standard driving test.

    To get a Pass Plus certificate you must complete at least six hours of training with a Pass Plus registered approved driving instructor. 

    One big difference between the Pass Plus course and the process of getting your driving licence is that there’s no formal test. Instead, you are assessed across each of six individual modules of the course and the instructor has to be confident that you have reached the grade in all disciplines before a Pass Plus certificate can be issued. 

    The six different driving modules covered in the Pass Plus scheme cover the following topics:

    1)   Town driving

    Candidates are taught to more confidently navigate complex junctions, make best use of their observational and awareness skills, and understand the need for space around their car. The needs of vulnerable road users are also highlighted.

    2)   All-weather driving

    This module helps drivers understand how varying weather conditions can affect the way a car behaves. The Pass Plus course covers the reasons why bad weather should prompt you do drive more slowly. It also introduces the concept of skidding and how to avoid it.

    3)   Rural driving

    Driving in the countryside brings the risks of blind bends and brows, more challenging overtaking, and the chance of meeting slow vehicles and animals.

    4)   Night driving

    A module designed to get drivers confident about driving with headlamps, getting used to night-time dazzle and distractions, plus judging distance and manoeuvring in the dark.

    5)   Dual-carriageways

    You should have driven on dual-carriageways before taking your test, but this module brings more experience and concentrates on judgement and observation, safe distances, lane use and using slip roads.

    6)   Motorways

    Though Motorway driving is now part of the standard driving test Pass Plus  will provide valuable experience of using the motorway, you’ll also learn about correct lane use and overtaking, what to do if you break down, and focus on the rules around lights.